Building Efficiency

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Building Energy Efficiency is when we use less energy to provide the same service. When you replace an appliance, such as a refrigerator, lamps or office equipment, with a more energy-efficient model, the new equipment provides the same service, but uses less energy. This saves you money on your energy bill and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere.

Energy efficiency is not energy conservation.

For example: Turning off an unnecessary light is energy conservation. Replacing an incandescent lamp with a compact fluorescent lamp (which uses much less energy to produce the same amount of light) is energy efficiency. Both efficiency and conservation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficiency has proved to be a cost-effective strategy for building economies without necessarily increasing energy consumption.

There are many motivations to improve energy efficiency. Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and may result in a financial cost saving to consumers if the energy savings offset any additional costs of implementing an energy efficient technology. Reducing energy use, is also seen as a solution to the problem of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Our company provides such solutions for improving Energy Efficiency for buildings of companies.