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HACCP is an international specification based on the preventive management of food safety issues. It’s implementation is mandatory according to the European and Cyprus legislation. It consists of a group of hygiene principles based on:

  • The analysis and the trace of hazards and
  • The evaluation and their gravity
  • The determination of critical control points
  • The documented control and the verification of the preventive measures
  • Through the monitoring and the verification of the effectiveness of the measures taken, a preventive food safety management system is created which assures compliance with the valid legislation and is a tool for further improvement.

It targets all enterprises involved in the food chain, including:

  • Primary sector (animal feed, plant production) enterprises
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Storage, Transportation, Wholesale, Retail companies

The benefits for an organization certified according to the HACCP include:

  • documented compliance with the relevant national (Cyprus) and European legislation
  • decrease of the deviations and detection of wrong practices
  • readiness for the management of nutritional crisis
  • strengthening consumers feeling of security for the organization and its products
  • continuous improvement of the organization’s quality of services and products